Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance and Its Significance


The tried-and-true way of getting the longest life out of your air conditioner is frequent maintenance. As an added bonus, this is the most effective way to guarantee peak performance from any cooling system. If your air conditioner runs more efficiently, you’ll not only save your monthly energy costs but also enjoy a more comfortable atmosphere in your house.

The significance of HVAC service cannot be overstated.

Using cars is an analogy for ac repair. During the warmer months, they labour nonstop from sunrise ’til nightfall. Your ability to stay cool will diminish if you don’t maintain your fans on a regular basis. The air conditioner’s condenser coil is a crucial part of the unit. Condenser coil problems, including decreased performance and potential damage to other parts of the system, may arise if the coil is allowed to get dirty.

In other words, what exactly are condenser coils?

The condenser coils are located in the outside condensing unit of your air conditioner. The refrigerant changes phase from liquid to gas as it removes heat from your home. The next stop on its journey is the condenser coils. The refrigerant, which is initially in a gaseous condition, is cooled as it passes over the coils and returns to a liquid state. After that, it’s recycled for another round of heat rejection and air conditioning within your home.

Which Room Should I Put My Air Conditioner In? When does dust begin to accumulate on the condenser coils?

The condenser coils collect dust as a byproduct of the refrigeration process. The coils of the outdoor air conditioner attract dust and grime from the surrounding environment. More buildup makes it harder for the cooling system to function properly. Monthly power bills rise and indoor comfort decreases as the cooling system struggles to keep up with increased demand. If the condenser coils get clogged with dirt and debris, they will no longer be able to cool the refrigerant gas to a liquid form. Because of this, even if your air conditioner is functioning regularly, it may stop producing cold air. The air conditioner might break down if the compressor overheats in such case.

In what ways can I minimise the wear and tear on my air conditioner?

It is advised to clean the condenser coils once a year, before the warm weather season begins. As part of an AC tuneup, the coils will need to be cleaned. If you want to help, clear the area around your outside unit of any debris, plants, or soil. In addition, have the evaporator coils of the air conditioner cleaned by a professional. If you have an inside air conditioner, make sure the coils are always free of debris like dust, smoke, and grease that may have accumulated from the air inside. Because of their tiny size, these particles may bypass the cabin air filter and end up on the evaporator coils. The system’s efficiency may decline when residue builds up, leading to increased energy usage. If you have pets, you should get the best air filter you can afford and keep it spotless at all times. Prepare your air conditioner for the summer heat by having yearly maintenance performed on it.

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