Decoding the Market Value of Land in Andhra Pradesh: A Comprehensive Insight for 2023


The market value of land in Andhra Pradesh has reached unprecedented heights due to the flourishing real estate sector. The Andhra Pradesh government plays a key role in determining the value of land within the state. In March 2022, the government reported a 35% increase in revenues from stamps and registrations. This demonstrates the resilience of Andhra Pradesh’s property market.


In Andhra Pradesh, any individual purchasing land, apartments, or buildings must pay stamp duty and register the transaction with the Andhra Pradesh Property and Land Registration department. These fees are calculated based on the current market value of the real estate in Andhra Pradesh. The government has launched a user-friendly website that streamlines payment and registration procedures to simplify the process.


Determining the market value of land in Andhra Pradesh has become convenient and easy. Interested parties should visit the official website of the Inspector General of Revenue and Stamps (IGRS) to access the information they need. Selecting the Market Value Assistance option in the Ease of Doing Business section allows users to determine the market value of farm or non-farm land based on their specific needs. By providing details such as the village, mandal, and district- users will be able to know the current market price of land in their desired location. 


The market value of land in Andhra Pradesh includes land classification (agricultural, non-agricultural, residential, commercial, etc.), property type(residential, commercial, land, gated community, etc.), and land type( Several factors such as residential area, commercial area, land, gated community, etc.) specific place. IGRS AP ensures that property market prices correspond to local prevailing currency rates, ensuring fair and transparent transactions.


Many factors determine the market price of land in Andhra Pradesh, but changing benchmarks play a big role. The benchmarks are not arbitrary, are based on in-depth research, and take into account developments in different areas. As the guide value increases, so does the market value ap of the property, but as the guide value decreases, so does the market value.


The market price represents the minimum price at which a property should be sold, while the benchmark sets a baseline to prevent underselling. This benchmark protects sellers by ensuring that properties are not listed below their true market value.


The market price of land in Andhra Pradesh fluctuates under the influence of factors such as changing benchmarks, the level of property development, and the specific type of property being sold. While sellers have the power to set selling prices, government market price benchmarks provide a fair framework for trading and promote transparency and fairness.


Knowing the market value of land is very important when conducting real estate transactions in Andhra Pradesh. Governments play a key role in determining market value through research-based benchmarks. Online resources provided by IGRS AP enable individuals to access the latest market value and make informed decisions.

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