5 Common Causes of Balcony Damage and How to Fix It



Balconies are structural features in buildings aiding additional space and access to the outdoors. No wonder they are an unmissable component of your living space for their extensive functionality and curb appeal. From hosting dinners to leisurely tea parties, a balcony is definitely one of the favorite spots for entertainment, meditation, and relaxation. However, though it is a permanent structure, yet susceptible to damage. We often take their maintenance for granted, failing to recognize that they are not invulnerable.

As recorded, balconies and terraces are the most common areas undergoing waterproofing failures. Most often, we can control water damage, but sometimes, it is beyond our reach. Generally, balconies are installed with waterproofing membranes. But the cause of balcony leaks may not be waterproofing failure always. Several other factors are responsible for the dripping water from the ceiling or water pooling around the edges.

Thus, it is impossible to determine the damage source without a thorough inspection by a balcony restorations contractor. Since a leaking balcony possesses potential threats, it is necessary to address the problem promptly. Today, we are here to discuss the causes and ways of fixing balcony damage because you cannot delay actions!

Balcony Damage: 5 Common Causes

Unfortunately, balconies will leak at some point in their lifetime! We are glad the advancement of construction and waterproofing methods has curtailed the damage to some extent. Nevertheless, you may still notice seepage over a period.

So, what causes waterproofing failure to lead to balcony damage?

  1. Faulty Design- When the foundation goes wrong, you cannot escape its consequences! Improper planning before balcony construction leads to severe structural problems. The architects and engineers must abide by the building codes focusing on the structure’s stability and durability. Implementing correct installation components and techniques is essential to ensure your balcony is structurally sound while prolonging its service life. Only licensed and experienced balcony repair contractors can fix such installation issues.
  2. Ageing- Exposure to extreme temperatures, climatic changes, and excessive moisture causes natural degradation of the structure. Hence, cracks, missing mortar, peeling paint, rusting, molds, and missing caulking are prevalent. Ageing results in weathering and abrasion you cannot restrict.
  3. Improper Drainage- Balconies must be adequately sloped to prevent standing water. Alongside, blockage in drains and improper installation is responsible for pooling water in your balcony. Sometimes balconies do not have water outlet provision causing critical drainage issues.
  4. Inadequate Maintenance-To restore the condition and functionality of your balcony, maintenance is obligatory. Resealing, fixing metal corrosion, and repairing minor cracks in the early stages can save you from comprehensive damage. Leaking balcony repair may cost you heavily if you do not inspect and maintain the balcony regularly.
  5. Settling Building- Ground movement results in the shifting and settling of buildings. In such cases, the building materials expand and contract leading to cracks, gaps, crumbling, and dislodging. There are critical structural issues, upsetting strength and integrity.

Balcony Repair Tips

Most balcony damages lead to problems like seepage, dampness in walls and ceilings, standing water, fading or peeling paint, and gradual degradation. In other words, water is the primary culprit!

However, for damaged balcony repair you require professional intervention, specialized in the field. Check out the popular balcony repair practices:

  • Inspection- Without knowing the cause and extent of damage, it is impossible to determine the correct fix. So conducting a meticulous survey is the first step towards a repair job.
  • Remove Damaged Parts- After identifying the source, repair begins by removing the tiles, broken edges, and grout to access the waterproofing membrane. Failure of this membrane will critically affect the water-resistance capability of the structure. Only a thorough assessment can rule out problems like lifting and tear.
  • Repair Damage- Fixing the waterproofing membrane is a part of balcony renovation services since it ensures all-around protection against water damage. From liquid membranes to dry patches, the repair material depends on the type of membrane.
  • Install Tiles-After repairing membrane damage, the tiles are replaced along with the drains (if needed). They are grouted properly to ensure zero chances of water seepage.
  • Paint-Coat the railings and walls with weather-shield paint for additional water damage protection.

To conclude, the best way to deal with balcony damage is to prevent it in the first place! How to do it? Rectify problems soon as you spot them!

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